"The fairies only left Orkney when folk stopped seekin' them" - Anonymous Orcadian
"Never be afraid to seek" - Ally

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Finally I Can Post This! (2)

OMG! Songs you've been waiting for ages to appear on YouTube are like buses - wait ages for one, and then 2 come along!

Apples In Stereo and "The Bird That You Can't See"...


AllyBally said...

See... proof I've been waiting ages:


And the other one I mentioned there (Mo*Ho*Bish*O*Pi's "Hear The Air") has since made an appearance as well, so I'm a happy (Easter) bunny!


AllyBally said...

ps. you'll have to copy and paste the shortcuts in the above comment if you want to see the links...