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Monday, January 05, 2009

I Can Has Kitteh?

First day back at work... Boo!

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Although for me it's just been a little over half a day, and now I'm signed off sick for 2 weeks (although I have to go in a couple of times during the fortnight to do the wages and a couple of other things that only I can do).

Been at the nurse today for the first day of the compression bandaging on my leg... so now I'm trussed up from foot to just above the knee on my right leg, with a bandage that big that I can't get a shoe on, so I'm wearing one of those plaster boot things that you get when you've broken your leg... which is a really good look(!) - and I'm hobbling about with a couple of walking sticks.

Back tomorrow to get it redone, and see if it's made any difference. Please god, it has...

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