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Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Official

Viki is now a member of Orkney's workforce!

She discovered today that the job she was interviewed for yesterday wasn't going to be permanent, only til May or so, and then she phoned the place in Stromness, and was told "Congratulations, the job is yours", so she's taken it.

And, very kindly, she'll get paid for the day that she's done at the Kirkwall office.

AND she's got a couple of evenings a week in a shop here in Kirkwall.

So won't you join me in saying "Congratulations" to Viki and wishing her good luck as the newest member of Orkney Fishermans Society's admin staff!?

(Congrats can be left by way of a comment, and I'll pass them on).

I'm so happy, because this means that now she can stay in Orkney!


Anonymous said...

congrats VIcky !! - Julz

Nev said...

Congratters, Viki! :)

Viki said...

Thanks very much Julie and Nev!! :)