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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Leg Post...

Day 3 of the bandaging, and it must be working, because the nurse who hasn't seen my leg since before Christmas said "Oh, my god... What a difference! I could almost kiss your leg!"

I'm slowly getting over the embarrassment factor... Had to go into work for a couple of hours this afternoon and - thankfully, or I'd have hit him with my sticks - Flunky didn't say anything.

However, they're trying to persuade me that I should get this same treatment done on my other leg... which isn't quite so bad, and doesn't have any wound... So this would mean another 2 weeks of bandaging, but on the other leg. Now, at the moment, I can pass this off as "a New Year injury" (meaning people think I was pissed and fell off my stilettos while doing the conga up the street at 3am New Year's morning)... and this is okay, coz it has some level of street-cred, and people laugh. But how do I explain that my "twisted ankle" has suddenly migrated to the other foot?

Or am I just being silly? Should I go for it and tell all the piss-takers where to go?


Anonymous said...

Health is more important than piss takers!! - Julz xx

Nev said...

Yeah, smeg to the wee-wee removers! Get thy leggy fixed, you'll be much better off. :)