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Monday, February 02, 2009

I Feel Like A Mother...

... on her bairn's first day at school!

Viki set off this morning at quarter to seven (rather her than me!) to catch the 07:10 bus to Stromness, and I won't see her until about 10pm (that's about 25 minutes away).

Today was her first day of her proper job (the admin one at OFS), from 8am - 5pm (except she says that the office staff can go a bit early, so she was able to get the bus home at half past 4 instead of after 5... meaning that most nights she should be home about the same time I am). I got a text to say she was going to go home and change (the joys of working in a factory processing shellfish... even if you are in the office most of the time as she should be) and then she had another evening at the shop here in Kirkwall that she's working at too (she was there for the first time from half past 5 'til about 10pm on Saturday). I'm hoping that she'll only do Saturday nights there, though - or else she's going to be knackered. And an extra few quid a week isn't worth ending up coming home 15 hours after you left, with only 2 hours or so before you need to go to bed because you have to get up at 6o'clock the next morning!

I hope she got on okay...

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Viki said...

Puszamuszas! It is great to be part of Orkney life as a participant. :) I am very happy here!!! And ezer hugs to u!