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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh, It's Not Such A Good Day...

Okay... all things considered, it was still a pretty good day, because it was a Thursday, but I wasn't working... but some of the things that were going to make it a good day, ended up going that little bit wrong...

First, the electrician that was supposed to come at 9am this morning... we stayed in til after 12 noon, and he didn't come. But I phoned him, and he said he would come after 5pm.

Which he did... but then the aerial that he fitted in the loft didn't make a blind bit of difference to the TV picture! Mainly because I live in a little single-storey house... and across the road from me (blocking me from the television transmitter on top of a hill outside Kirkwall) are all 2-storey houses, and then there's the oil tanks, and then a dirty great big hotel... all blocking the signal from getting to my brand shiny new aerial! Grrrrrr.... anyone got a bulldozer?

Then, whilst it was nice and sunny while we were inside, waiting for the electrician... as soon as we ventured out to the shops (I swear, as soon as we opened the front door) - it started to rain! It stopped after a while, but after the rain, it stayed cold and wet and windy for the rest of the afternoon.

Maybe I won't bother buying a lottery ticket for Saturday after all!

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