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Monday, March 16, 2009

What's In A Name?

It occurred to me that it's been a wee while since I did one of my silly "random-thoughts-stream-of-consciousness-open-my-mouth-and-let-my-belly-rumble" type posts, so I thought I'd share with you a couple of name related silly things that I've been thinking about or have heard of in the last few days.

First of all, I read somewhere that in the 1800's there was a Sheriff in the courts in Orkney whose surname was (and I kid you not) Shireff! Imagine appearing in court before Sheriff Shireff!

And the second thing is my friend Viki's fault... She was amused that anyone would call their daughter India. And this set us off on one of those silly conversations that you have when you've got nothing better to do... that if you were going to name your child after a country, what would be the most ridiculous one that you could pick (not that I'm saying the name India is ridiculous, in case any Indias are reading this and want to come and beat me up for laughing at their name... anyway, it was Viki who started laughing, so beat her up first, please)?

Some of the ones we came up with were:

Twins Trinidad and Tobago
Vatican City
Istanbul (or Constantinople)

but the best one we could come up with was...

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Can anyone beat that?

1 comment:

AllyBally said...

LOL... this post has started us off again, and Viki has pointed out a real one... Cuba Gooding Jr!

And she's raised the "What if..?" of What If Benny Hill had had a daughter and called her Beverly? She'd be Beverly Hill..!

(Okay, we're well aware of the fact that it should be Beverly HillS, but it still made us laugh)