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Monday, April 27, 2009

Yesterday I Saw A Little Worm...

Wriggling... well, I won't tell you where it was wriggling, but suffice to say, I felt more than a little queasy... and a quick trip was made to Tesco to get some dewormer for the 2 new moggies!

They used to live by fields just outside the town, and there were rabbits and, I guess, rats, and all sorts of things that they could have been eating - a veritable smorgasbord of roadkill and things that had died of natural causes (and I'm sure being killed by cats could be classed as a natural cause) for a couple of feline epicures to dine on.

So they got some organophosphates stuck on the back of their necks last night... Hopefully that should see the little blighters (the worms, not the cats) bugger off for a couple of months at least!

Don't tell them, but the indignity will be repeated in a couple of days when I'll dose them with more DDT to deflea them!

I guess that's the downside to taking the cats directly from their home... If they had been taken into the Cats Protection centre, they would have been wormed and flea-treated before we took them home, and I wouldn't have had to witness that.

Still, it's done now... just the carpets at home to treat now... which will be done after payday, when I can afford one of the sprays to do it!

Yuk! What a lovely topic to share with you on a Monday morning...

Enjoy your dinner!

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AllyBally said...

Forgot to mention the fact that the first thing that alerted us to the fact something was wrong was when Leia managed to regurgitate about half her body weight on the carpet yesterday morning... I've never seen a cat being so sick!

And then she had breakfast... and was sick again.

That was when Viki made the comment that she had seen a worm when she was cleaning up the second lot (which, for reasons I won't divulge here lest I embarrass her, was not the easiest thing for her to do).

Again I say it... Yuk! And Fuj!