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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

(Cat)Nip It In The Bud...

Or, "Why Drugs Are Bad"... Or, "Time To Have The 'Dangers Of Drugs' Chat With The Cats"...

Yesterday when I was at the pet shop getting the identity discs for the cats' collars, I decided I would try them out with some dried catnip, see if they liked it or not (Harriet and Minnie weren't interested, but Thomas, the cat I had before them, went demented for it). Took a small box home, and just left it lying on the table in the living room, but at the back...

Came through this morning, and in the half dark, I could see what looked like a wet patch on the carpet... "Oh, no", I thought, "One of the cats has peed on the floor... I guess it had to happen sooner or later"...

But on closer inspection, it was a clear plastic bag, torn open... and then there was a cardboard box, shredded, lying nearby... THE CATNIP BOX!!!!!

The little buggers must have smelt the stuff through a box AND a sealed plastic bag last night, and temptation was just too strong... So they resorted to theft for their fix.

The whole box of catnip was scoffed... apart from a thin covering on the carpet. And I had a couple of slightly stoned moggies looking at me sheepishly... before Gizmo set about shredding the box further to try to dispose of the evidence.

I did, however, manage to get some photos of the crime scene:

Exhibit A: The Shredded Box
Exhibit B: The Empty Bag
Exhibit C: More Bits Of Box
Exhibit D: Drug Residue All Over The Floor

And a video of prime suspect, Gizmo, trying to dispose of the evidence before realising he's being watched!

I'm a bit worried now... How long will it be before they decide they want their next fix? And, if I don't buy it for them, will I waken up some morning with a half-crazed, withdrawal-suffering cat holding a kitchen knife at my throat...? Or, will I come home some day to find the telly sold for a score of 'nip?

Cat-owners, I beg you... keep your puddy tats safe... warn them of the dangers of trying catnip...!

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