"The fairies only left Orkney when folk stopped seekin' them" - Anonymous Orcadian
"Never be afraid to seek" - Ally

Friday, May 08, 2009


Let the cats out for the first time last Sunday... and, almost immediately, Gizmo found the entry hole cut in one of the neighbours' lean-to porch / greenhouse, and invited himself in for a natter with one of their cats over some of its cat biscuits... before sneaking through the door into their actual house!

Then a bit later, after I warned them about the dangers of traffic and how they were NOT to go near the road, I lost Gizmo... Went to look for him, and found him - yes, you guessed it - across the road in another neighbour's garden. Damn thing just sat there looking at me watching him through the guy's gate.

Monday I went along to the pet shop to pick up the identity discs for their collars, and then I put them on at night. Leia was so easy to do, and has no worries about her collar at all... But Gizmo? For a start, Gizmo had to get the collar I intended for Leia (red tartan) because the black leather one I bought for him was too short to go round his neck! Got it on, with him struggling all the way, and then promptly had to take it off again... The little bell on it freaked him out something dreadful! He spent about 10 minutes running around like the proverbial scalded cat trying to run away from the "jingle, jingle, jingle" sound, obviously without success. Cut the bell off and then had to pin him down and get the collar back on again. He sulked for a while, but then calmed down a bit. All good... or so I thought...

Until I came through on Wednesday morning to find him sans collar... eventually discovered it half tucked down the side of their bed (which they never use, seeing as they've claimed the armchair). I swear I'm going to superglue it to him! Maybe he's trying to tell me that red tartan clashes with his ginger bits? But it's his own fault for having such a big neck.

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