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Monday, May 25, 2009

I Can Has Kitteh?

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Today's been one of those days...

As you can see, I slept in to start with... that's to say, I got up, then sat on the sofa "for 10 minutes" - and fell asleep there!

Then I had to wrestle with the rubbish bags (which had been out at the back in the rain so were wet and yucky) to get them out so we wouldn't be over-run completely by next week.

Luckily, since I worked on Saturday, and had only had half a day off so far in lieu, I could come in at 10am.

Work's been okay, I guess... but still had to endure the radio going on about the Bank Holiday.

Then, at about 20 to 5, it suddenly registered that I hadn't taken my handbag to work with me this morning (choosing instead to just shove my purse, phone and (house) keys into my pocket. Why is it relevant that I said "(house) keys"? Well, it dawned on me that I was the only one left at work (Flunky stops at 4pm), and the keys for locking up the 2 main entrance doors were... yes, you guessed it... in my handbag! At home!

Flunky lives a half hour or so drive away from the office, and he would have been home by that time, so I sheepishly phoned my flatmate (who was on her way to me from her job by bus) and asked her if she could stay on the bus to the Travel Centre, and go home (a 5-minute walk from there) to get my key, then come back to me (a 20-minute or so walk in the dull, cold weather) with it. Thankfully, she didn't mind... and didn't call me a Muppet (even though it's what I felt like).

I hate Mondays.

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