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Monday, May 04, 2009

A Moment Of Calm...

... in the otherwise frenetic lives of our new puddy tats, Leia and Gizmo:

Don't let their cuteness fool you... most mornings they (er... mainly Gizmo) start rampaging round the living room at about 6o'clock, play-fighting and attacking socks, carrier bags, or whatever other unsuspecting "prey" happens to be lying around. Then, just when I'm heading out at 9o'clock, they get something to eat (their second breakfast, because Viki has to feed them when she gets up, otherwise she gets no peace) and then collapse like this in what has become THEIR armchair (the one that gets the sun, of course).

But don't they look cute like this? Not as cute as Minnie was... I don't think any cat could be as cute as she was... but they're growing on us.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pussycats Ally! Our two aren't at that stage...yet...but Polly is getting used to the new cat! ~ Nev