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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Weekend...

What a lovely weekend we've just had... if you discount the fact that I was working on Saturday and Viki was working Saturday evening...

You already know we had a meal out on Friday night...

Well, my sister & brother-in-law were away for a few days, and my brother has been looking after their farm. They've got a house on the farm that they usually rent out, which is empty at the moment, so my brother suggested that Viki & I come out for Saturday night and Sunday (they were coming back Sunday evening).

So, I went out about half past 7 on Saturday evening, and then my brother went in to get Viki from her work after half past 9.

We all cheated for tea, coz we had microwave chicken tikka, and then we just had a laugh until about 3o'clock on Sunday morning. At that point Viki & I went round the corner to the guest house where we slept in the living room (one on the sofa, one on a couple of armchairs pulled together... there wasn't a big lot of furniture in the place since it's empty at the moment).

And, would you believe, because it's so quiet there in the middle of a valley in Holm, and there isn't traffic going zooming past 24 hours a day like our place, we didn't waken up til almost 12 noon?

And when we did waken up... Oh. My. God. What a beautiful day! My sister has a porch on the front of their house, and the temperature in there was reading about 40 degrees!

Had toast for breakfast (for once I had to miss out on Viki's scrambled eggs... she does wicked scrambled eggs), and then we came into the town to get some dead animals to barbecue for dinner / tea.

Returned with steaks (which were reduced... woo-hoo), a couple of gammon steaks, and some lamb kebabs. Sat in the concrete area in front of the farmhouse and my brother was in charge of the barbecue.

Viki, me, him... and my sister's elderly dog... all ate very well, before he took us back home... me with very slight sunburn on the one arm that was facing the sun.

It was a great day.

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