"The fairies only left Orkney when folk stopped seekin' them" - Anonymous Orcadian
"Never be afraid to seek" - Ally

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Followers Of Nev...

I have an announcement!

For those of you who have been wondering why the Kiwi Doctor Who fanatic (I don't think Fanatic is too strong a word... do you, Nev?) hasn't updated Nevilland for such a long time, DON'T PANIC... He is alive and well and just lost his access to his website!

But now he's undergone a Regeneration, and you can find his brand-new, shiny, blog here:

Shootin' The Breeze

You might find it undergoes a few little tweaks and cosmetic procedures within the next few days, but this will be its new and permanent home (barring him forgetting the password again, but I've got it as well this time, so I can at least remind him!).

Welcome back to the Blogging World, Nev... we've missed you!

1 comment:

Nev said...

Thanks, Ally! And...no, I don't think "fanatic" is too strong a word...though I prefer "Superfan" :)

I aim to let my blogging take over the time previously spent on facebook.