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"Never be afraid to seek" - Ally

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lost In Translation?

HeeHee... I've got to grass Viki up...

We were down at my brother's a visit last night, and satellite music channel Bliss was playing a selection of '90's pop "classics" (I would have picked something with '80's music, but Viki keeps pointing out that she's younger than some of those songs), and on came R Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly"...

I was doing a crossword puzzle, and Viki was colouring in a "Hello Kitty" picture (don't ask!), when she suddenly said, "I can hear him singing something, but I don't think it can really be what he's singing"... so I asked her what she thought he was singing.

She waited until the particular line came on again, and said "Here... he's singing, "I'm on a virgin king"".

I almost peed myself laughing and corrected her that what he was in fact singing was, "I'm on the verge of breaking down".

On the same theme, suddenly for me (for reasons I won't go into) Ronan Keating's song has become "You wear it best, when you wear nothing at all"...


Viki said...

I WASNT COLOURING A HELLO KITTY PICTURE!!!!!! (whistlejujAllyyouaredead!)

AllyBally said...

Jaja, u were... as I remember Kitty and her friend were visiting the zoo and speaking to the elephant and lion... or maybe it was the picture of her with all her pairs of shoes...?

Nem u shud b ashamed.

But if, 4 example, u had a t-shirt that sed "Hello Titty"... THAT wud b sumthing 2 b juj about... How lucky u never had a top like that, nem?

Viki said...

I will ask my sister to hide it.
Anyway, nem is me who has plenty of ponies on top of the tv!