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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Like Son, Like Mother...

Yes, I know that saying usually goes the other way around... and I know it's usually "Like FATHER, like son", but it's not such a good title like that!

Do you remember on my photo blog that I had posted photos of when Gizmo the cat followed Viki & I round to my brother's, and just made himself at home?

Well... now his mother, Leia, has been a visit... or TWO visits!

It all started one Thursday night... now, she's taken to sitting at the corner of the street just down from our house, and waiting for us to come home... but this night, we were heading away from the house... round to David, who was going to take us to Tesco. And the damn cat followed us! We were in a hurry to catch Tesco, so all we could do was leave her sitting outside his gate, and go off in the car.

When we got back, she was nowhere to be seen, so we assumed that she had gone home... Except we didn't see her when we arrived back at the house, and it didn't look like she had been home the next day when we came back after work.

We went out, had some food, had some (okay, a lot of) drink, and we were back at David's with him and another guy when David & Viki went out for a smoke... and who should they find sitting on David's gate? Leia!

Into the house she marched, scoffed a slice of his corned beef, polished off his tub of cream, and just sat there happily washing on the mat and lapping up all the attention!

She's been back a visit again another night when we obviously didn't come home early enough ourselves! It appears that if we're not back by 11pm, she's going to come looking for us.

Who does she think she is? Our mother!?

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