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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet Our New Nephew (Or Niece, We're Not Too Sure Yet)

Well, have you ever tried getting close enough to a semi-feral cat to discover if it's an Arthur or a Martha? It's not easy!

Anyway, over the last couple of weeks, my brother has been out on my sister's farm looking after their elderly dog while they've been on holiday (remember, I mentioned that Viki & I had been out there at the weekends?)... Well, while there, he was also feeding the colony of semi-feral cats that live in the byre and *ahem* keep the rats down (why the "ahem"? because while my brother was there, he was feeding them cooked chicken and mussels, and they didn't seem that keen on rodent after that)!

Among the colony there are 3 ginger cats... Big Ginge (as christened by Dave) who is dad to Peedie Ginge and Peedie Peedie Ginge. Well, I say "are"... now more "were", as Peedie Peedie has been adopted by David. He (we think it's a he) is somewhere about 4 months old, and has been in his new home since Saturday.

He's a peedie bit nervous still, but is beginning to settle down to indoor life. As you can see, he's being let off with murder at the moment... worktops will become off-limits ere long...

And he seems to like the food at this hotel... while his kith and kin have gone back to bread, cat food and munchies... he's still dining on mussels!

You can expect more photos and adventures of Peedie Peedie (as we are trying to persuade David to name him permanently... or at least Ginge) on here, but in the meantime, you can see him in his former home with his brother or sister, Peedie Ginge, here.

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