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Thursday, April 23, 2009

48 Hours Later Than Planned...

... the cats have arrived!

We couldn't take them on Monday night, because we only had one cat carrier until I could borrow one.

Then it wasn't possible (for reasons I won't go into) to get them on Tuesday.

Then we arrived to get them last night... to be told that the male cat (the son), who "never went wandering" had... er... gone wandering! He was nowhere to be seen, and didn't come home when the owners were shaking the food box... so we left empty-handed, with the woman saying that she would phone us if he appeared later in the evening. But the phonecall never came.

I gave her a ring after work tonight, asking if the wanderer had returned yet... and was told that he was still AWOL! At this point, she said she was a little worried, because he wasn't in the habit of going wandering, and they'd been all over the fields looking for him. She feared that something bad had happened to him... but again, she would phone us if he appeared.

Just after 8pm, we decided that we would take a run out just in case.

Arrived there, and he still hadn't come home. The woman said now she was really sure that something had happened, and we were just arranging to take his sister (a black and white cat) who was also being re-homed, instead. His mother was in her cat carrier, and we were just about to put the other cat in, when the woman suddenly exclaimed "Gizmo!" - and there he was, sashaying up the road like the new gunslinger in town, tail aloft.

So, we had a choice... him, or his sister. And we decided (although secretly, both of us really liked the other cat... even though maybe being black and white, and with a similar name to Minnie, I don't know how I would have felt about having her around) to take Gizmo with his mother, because they really did seem close and cuddly, with a very strong bond.

Got them in the boot of the car, and took them home. Got them in, opened the carriers, and both made for the sofa! Barely 5 minutes after they arrived, they were both stretched out on MY seat on the sofa, washing each other and looking like they owned the place!

Now, Leia is asleep in her bed, after eating half her weight in biscuits... and Gizmo? Gizmo is lying across 2 seats of the sofa, farting contentedly, and smelling like a rhino that's been dead for 3 weeks! Typical male!

But please - PLEASE don't think that this means that I am over Minnie, or that she didn't mean anything to me... Minnie was my bubba, along with her mummy, Harriet, and I'll never, ever forget her - THEM - and I don't know if I'll ever love a mog like I loved them. It hurts every time I think of her, or look out the back door and see the spot where she was lying when I came home last Thursday afternoon and found her in such a bad way... and it'll hurt for a very long time to come.

I'll post photos of the 2 new arrivals soon.

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