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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Come The Revolution...

... our local council, my bank (but less so) and the w***ers at TV Licensing will be first against the wall!

Okay, starting the saga with the bank... I checked my online banking today, and it said there was a charge for an "unpaid item" at £19.50. Now, I knew nothing about any items unpaid, so I phoned them to ask what it was. They told me "It's your TV licence... they tried to take a payment yesterday, and there wasn't enough money in the account, cause you only got your wages in today."

So this leads me on to my rant against TV licensing... I set up to make payments by direct debit, and I had to make 4 payments of something like £30-odd, starting in January and ending this month... and then from next month it would be regular payments of £11-odd every month.

For the last 3 months, the payments have come out on the 2nd of every month. But I've been April Fooled... because this month they decided they would try to take it on the first!

So I went home at lunchtime and tried to phone TV Licensing to see if I could make a card payment so that I would clear the unpaid payment, and I would know that the money had come off my account. But, oh no... because their system hasn't actually been told that the payment wasn't collected yet, they can't take a card payment... so I have to phone back on Monday or Tuesday once they've sent me a letter to tell me that the payment bounced!

Then there's the council... I sent my flatmate to pay the rent. It's the first week of the new financial year, and I knew that the rent had gone up, but I couldn't remember by how much... except I knew it was now £53-something. So she explained that we couldn't remember the amount, but could the girl check the computer? So the girl checked, and said that we had this week's rent, and a balance of £11-something from last week that hadn't been paid, making £75. Viki told her that we paid £11 last week, as per the letter we had been sent telling us that this was all that was outstanding to the end of the 2008 / 09 year, and could she please check again? So she pushed a couple more buttons and said "It's definitely £75". To which Viki said "No... We paid what we were meant to. Please ask someone else." So the girl got on the phone to the rents section... and the upshot was that their bloody computer still hadn't been updated from last Friday, and we had indeed made the payment, and were only due to pay £53!!!!

These things are sent to try us!

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