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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Little Bit Better...

Finished the afternoon at work in a state of depression and wanting to cry and scream and take my surgical boot and burn the damn thing, and then had a very self-concious trip round Tesco for shopping before coming home.

Got home and thought I would try to see if there was any way that I could get my widest shoe on (which wouldn't go at all when I was using the 4-layer compression bandage last time). Had to cut out an elastic bit at the front, and extend the resulting "V" a little, but it DOES go on... even if I have to put a bit of tape across the top just to be secure.

So, I guess that if they decide the 2-layer compression is going to work, I can survive this month (and, god, I hope it's just a month AT THE MOST). So long as I can fit a normal shoe on, and don't look like a cross between NCP Car Park Man and a Yeti, and so long as the injury is "invisible" to passers-by.

I'm even feeling brave enough and positive enough to go out for the bar supper that Viki and I had planned tonight. We were meant to be meeting someone else after for a drink or 2, but I'm not so sure about that yet.

So I'm off to get ready... not that I really feel like making much of an effort right now.

See ya!

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