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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sun Is Out...

... people are starting to get that "summer" vibe here in Orkney, and all of a sudden my dodgy leg is back in a compression bandage and fucking surgical boot again!

Went to the nurse today, and saw the one who usually does Thursday and Friday, but who had been on holiday last week... and she said "Oh, my god! That ulcer is getting deeper again! Back into compression with you!" (This despite the fact that the nurse who saw me on Tuesday said it was looking better than it had been when she saw me the Friday before).

I protested, mainly on the grounds I was going out tonight, and also that I'd just started being able to wear proper shoes again... and didn't have to worry about aqua-planing if I had to go out in my surgical boot that was smooth on the bottom and held together by gaffer tape. But to no avail.

I was strapped up, and then she tried to get my croc that I had been wearing back on my now-2-layer-bandaged foot... and it wouldn't go (surprisingly(!)). And I was going back to work, so on the upside (insofar as there is an upside) I got a new surgical boot.

So, I'm back to being "Bigfoot" for a month... Oh, joy(!)

Suddenly don't feel like going out tonight... I just want to hide away like a troll under a rock for the next month. I don't want people saying any of the following:

"So, what's the other guy like?"
"What have you been doing to yourself?"
"I thought you'd got rid of that thing!"

or to have to face the young ones pointing and sniggering any more than they usually do.

Okay... self-pitying rant over... for now.

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