"The fairies only left Orkney when folk stopped seekin' them" - Anonymous Orcadian
"Never be afraid to seek" - Ally

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bits You Might Have Missed...

At last! I've neglected the blog a bit for the last week or so, but I'm now all back up to date again!

But that's meant slotting posts (eg, the daily music video) in between short posts that I had managed to sneak in and post, so you might miss some of my pearls of wisdom if you don't look back...

So, please... take a wander again back through the last week or fortnight of my life to pick up such things as:

May 5th: Cats And The Stolen Catnip
May 8th: Collared Moggies
May 10th: Puncture In Redneck Country

And then there's all the music videos... with offerings from the likes of Tina Turner, The Beatles, John Lee Hooker, Stereophonics, and more...

It's worth it, really! (Okay, it probably isn't, but I'm trying to convince you my blog is a funny and cool place to visit).

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